• Image of Sorry Margareta / A Vase of Flowers

Giclee print

“Sorry Margaretta / A Vase of Flowers”

This is a print based on was based on Margareta Havermans “A Vase of Flowers”

Haverman was a female Dutch flower painter in the early 1800’s. Because hardly any women artists had access to nude models, a number of them became still life specialists. Haverman studied with the notoriously secretive flower painter Jan van Huysum. it was rumored that Van Huysum told the school she was enrolled in that she stole his paintings because he was jealous of her talents. Only two paintings of Margareta Haverman are known to exist. This painting was done as a homage to her talents and story.

the size of the print is 22x30 inches.
Edition of 25


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